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Heinrich Höner GmbH & Co KG Driving Components and Gear Manufacturing

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Photo: Worm wheels, chain wheels and more






High-class driving components like tooth gears, worm wheels or spur gears combined with quality and precision and a just-in-time delivery is not a fortunate coincidence. All of our staff members are supporting our target with dedication to their jobs and continuous accuracy.

We produce first-class driving components for you like e.g. threaded spindles, inner gears, helical gear wheels and worm wheels. Innovation and quality made us to an expert in the production of tooth gears, chain wheels, measuring gear racks and trapezoidal thread spindles and further gearing devices. In our enterprises we are offering profile grinding like e.g. spline bore hub profiles and spline shafts and the grinding of toothed racks. Our state of the art technology allows gear tooth forming and all sorts of broaching work in no time.

As producers of driving components we are acquainted with terms like worm spindles, tooth racks, spline shafts or gear tooth forming. On the other hand we also know much about spline bore hub profiles, spline shaft profiles and measuring gear racks. In our product line you will find spline shafts, trapezoidal thread spindles, worm wheels, tooth gears and spur gears. If you are not sure which of the components you will need, please contact us!

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